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I'm delighted to announce that as of June 1st Kirsten Farrell has assumed the role of Director of The Goodman Center. I will remain actively involved as Director Emeritus (which, I believe, is Latin for "Are you still here?"), and I will continue to co-facilitate both our in-person workshops and virtual classes.

In her new role, Kirsten will take the lead in facilitating all of our online and in-person workshops, she'll develop new curriculum to keep our current classes fresh and relevant, and will also be adding new courses to our lineup. She will be the lead writer of The Goodman Center's new blog (coming soon) to share tools and guidance for public interest professionals and help them better connect with their audiences. You can read more about Kirsten on her bio.

Please join me in congratulating Kirsten on her new role, and thank you for your continued support and interest in everything The Goodman Center does to help do-gooders do better!

Strategic Communications: Cutting Through the Clutter


The course is comprised of two one-hour classes scheduled over consecutive weeks. See above for the next class date.

Who will benefit

If you are involved in outreach—from a presentation in a conference room to an integrated marketing campaign—you will be able to apply the principles taught in this course.

Course materials

Students will receive an Outreach Planning Template for applying The Four Connecting Points to future campaigns. Students will also receive a recommended reading list to help them learn more about strategic communications.

The H word

After the second class, students will have the option to complete the Outreach Planning Template using an upcoming campaign and to have the template evaluated by the course instructor.

Make It Custom

Organizations that can enroll 15 or more students (up to a maximum of 25) can have courses from The Goodman Center scheduled and tailored to their needs.


The resulting webinar will:

Enable colleagues to share stories, insights, challenges, and suggestions—creating an especially cohesive learning community.

Engage students with examples and homework assignments that speak directly to the challenges you face.

Please get in touch with us for questions and bookings.

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