What people are saying about The Goodman Center


Andy’s work is more than a wonderful resource—it’s that all-too-rare combination of rigorous education and unbridled entertainment.

Diana Aviv | Former CEO, Feeding America

I was already comfortable at the front of a room, but in just a couple of hours, Andy helped me (and about 200 other trainees) think differently about the craft of presenting, and I know we walked away better presenters for it.

Lawrence Bender | Producer, An Inconvenient Truth

I have known Andy Goodman for over two decades and have been a client of his on several occasions. Andy has conducted workshops for me both at Warner Bros. and for the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC). In that capacity, he was an excellent teacher, communicator and motivator. He was also engaging, smart and (happily) funny.

Alan Horn | Chairman, Walt Disney Studios

Andy Goodman causes boards and staffs to think … inspires individuals to change behavior … and prepares organizations for success.  He helped spark a dramatic turn-around of the League of Conservation Voters in the 1980s.  He was a catalyst for triple-digit growth at the National Park Foundation in the 1990s.  In 2008 he’s teaching zoos and aquariums new techniques to mobilize millions for wildlife conservation.  Andy Goodman takes your best ideas and makes them better.

Jim Maddy | Former President and CEO, Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Every nonprofit I know has had Andy Goodman give one of his famous storytelling workshops or wants to have him give one. As a result he’s accumulated more frequent-flyer miles than the head of the International Olympic committee. I’m thrilled to hear he’s figured out a way to increase supply to match demand without having to spend more time in airports. Every worthy cause would benefit from one of his message workshops.

Chip Heath | Co-author, Made to Stick

Andy Goodman is a uniquely gifted storyteller.  He is a master teacher and strategist.  And he is a joy to work with, the rare consultant with the ability to make everyone around him smarter (or at least feel that way).  He has helped us find our most powerful stories, tell them in the most compelling ways, and use them to begin to rally a generation.

Marc Freedman | Founder/CEO, Encore.org

There are precious few places for public service organizations to go to for top notch training in presenting the complexities of our work.  In a sector overflowing with scientists and policy analysts, Andy is quick to remind us that we are not the audience! His practical and entertaining sessions leave you confident and ready to get the word out about our important work.  As a fellow communications professional, this is a skill we are in need of developing as a sector if we are to truly break through the clutter.

Vikki Spruill | President and CEO, New England Aquarium

Andy Goodman makes marketing (or communication) fun!  He cuts through the gobbledygook and teaches nonprofit leaders how to tell their stories better.  Andy helped Citizen Schools discover our essence and communicate more powerfully, leading to more growth and impact.

Eric Schwarz | Co-Founder and CEO, College for Social Innovation

If you haven’t seen Andy, you are probably reading off your PowerPoint slides, boring audiences with presentations devoid of stories, and are probably wasting a myriad of communications opportunities. Andy will change your life. Really. I gush about how good Andy is at getting people to “get it” so that their audience can then get them. And anyone who knows me knows, I don’t gush.

Kristen Grimm | President, Spitfire Strategies

In person, Andy Goodman is wise, smart, practical, funny and totally effective. Online, he’s better.

Andrew Sharpless | Chief Executive Officer, Oceana

Andy Goodman changed the way we think about our work and the way we talk about our work. His approach to storytelling is a powerful tool for seeing your work afresh, and for telling the world what you do. Best of all, Andy doesn’t want to hoard what he knows — he conveys and shares his approach with great humanity and humor. You will not be disappointed, and unlike so many other trainings, you will use what you learn . . . all the time.

John Gomperts | President, America’s Promise Alliance

Andy Goodman is clear and funny and passionate and a relentless advocate for the power of storytelling. You may even find yourself telling a story about the power of his mastery.

Katherine Fulton | Former President, Monitor Institute