The Platinum Rules of Presenting


The course is comprised of two one-hour classes scheduled on consecutive days. Check our calendar above for dates.

Who will benefit

This course has been designed for presenters at all levels of experience. Leaders who supervise colleagues who make presentations on a regular basis will also benefit.

Course materials

All students will receive a copy of the book, Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes as well as the report, “Unmuted: What works, what doesn’t, and how we can all do better when working together online.

The H word

While there is no homework, students are encouraged to submit sample presentations for evaluation during the online classes.

Make It Custom

Organizations that can enroll 15 or more students (up to a maximum of 25) can have courses from The Goodman Center scheduled and tailored to their needs.


The resulting webinar will:

Enable colleagues to share stories, insights, challenges, and suggestions—creating an especially cohesive learning community.

Engage students with examples and homework assignments that speak directly to the challenges you face.

Please get in touch with us for questions and bookings.

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