A Brilliant Tip for Virtual Presenting on the Road

When presenting virtually, your physical set up makes a huge impact on how you are able to connect to your audience and, let’s be honest, on whether they perceive you as a professional, reliable source of information and guidance.

To make sure I am doing everything in my power to create an engaging, accessible and rich learning experience, I have set myself up for success in my office. I have dual monitors, nice lighting, a microphone etc. But what happens when I am traveling for an in-person workshop and have a virtual session planned while on my trip?

More than once I have Zoomed in from a hotel room with just my laptop (and some creative hotel furniture and lighting arrangement). I thought there was no way around the fact that if I don’t have my second monitor, I can’t see my upcoming slides or any notes. That can feel like working without a net.

So, I couldn’t wait to share a tutorial from Robbie Samuels, friend of The Goodman Center and author of the upcoming book Break Out of Boredom: Low-Tech Solutions for Highly Engaging Zoom Events

Robbie created this tutorial about how to share your powerpoint slides with your audience while accessing your presenter view- all on one monitor! I already tried it, and I am thrilled to have this tool which will enable me to present from the road more like I do from my office.

Robbie Samuels helps mission-driven organizations reimagine their virtual events. The Goodman Center got a chance to work with him for an online convening, and we loved the way he provided easy-to-follow guidelines and make the experience smooth and engaging for the speakers and audience.

Keep an eye out for his book. It is sure to be chock full of useful tips and tricks for creating better virtual events fit for 2023 and beyond.