Unmuted: What Works, What Doesn’t, and How We Can All Do Better When Working Together Online


This webinar is comprised of a single one-hour class. Check the registration page for dates and times.

Who will benefit

Anyone who regularly participates in videoconferences or supervises people who do.

Make it work for you

Prior to the class, you can submit sample slides from your organization’s web meetings, webinars or webcasts.

Make It Custom

Organizations that can enroll 15 or more students (up to a maximum of 25) can have courses from The Goodman Center scheduled and tailored to their needs.


The resulting webinar will:

Enable colleagues to share stories, insights, challenges, and suggestions—creating an especially cohesive learning community.

Engage students with examples and homework assignments that speak directly to the challenges you face.

Please get in touch with us for questions and bookings.

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